Repair & Calibration

For improved productivity, inventory management and operator safety, HYTORC mobile service technicians provide repairs, calibrations and training at your location.

Equipment Rental

From individual tools to customized bolting systems, HYTORC has the largest stock of rental equipment in the industry, available worldwide.

Custom Engineering

With 50 years of experience dedicated to industrial bolting, we have solved almost every bolting challenge imaginable. Let our engineering team show you the possibilities.

Bolting Software

HYTORC Flange Calculator, HYTORC Flange Manager and the HYTORC App

Flange Calculator

The calculator recommends the best torque values and bolt loads for your job as well the recommended bolting pattern based on the bolting system you are using and the number of tools on the job.


Improve your productivity with HY-Care, the preventative maintenance solution for industrial bolting systems.


For improved productivity and incident reduction, HYTORC leads the industry in safety and operational training initiatives.