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jGun Single Speed pneumatic torque wrench


Pneumatic Torque Tool

  • Precision
    • The jGun® SINGLE SPEED torque wrench provides accurate and repeatable torque which can be easily set with a filter, regulator, and lubricator unit (FRL).
  • Versatility
    • The jGun® torque tool offers users a wide variety of torque ranges from 250 ft.-lbs. to 8,200 ft.-lbs. (11,118 Nm) of torque and works with a standard reaction arm as well as with the HYTORC Washer and Driver system. Other accessory options include a silencer and a comfort grip.
  • Powerful
    • With an industry leading power-to-weight ratio, the air powered jGun® SINGLE SPEED provides continuous power with no kickback to break out corroded or damaged nuts that other systems can’t handle.
  • Low Vibration
    • Unlike impact guns, the jGun® SINGLE SPEED Pneumatic Torque Wrench uses precision gearing and a simple reaction fixture to give you maximum power without noise and vibration.

Ergonomic Design

The jGun® is lightweight and portable, making it an ideal pneumatic tool for use on bolting applications in a variety of environments. The comfort grip and available silencer ensure that the tool operator is comfortable, even on all-day jobs.


Since 2004, the jGun® has been reliably used by industry professionals on bolting applications of up to 8,200 ft.-lbs. (11,118 Nm). The jGun® pneumatic torque wrench makes bolting simpler. This user-friendly air tool makes the job easier by giving operators one easy to use system.

Optional Safety Paddle

This patented safety mechanism reduces the chance for operator error and safety risks by preventing hands from being near the reaction point during operation of the tool.

jGun SINGLE SPEED Accessories

Wheel Gun Extension

Track Pad Fixture



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