The jGun Single Speed is the simple choice for air-powered industrial bolting. With industry-leading power-to-weight and a breakout force that overcomes corroded and damaged nuts, this tool takes over where impact guns and breaker bars don’t cut it.
torque controlled impact wrench


The jGun provides continuous power with no kickback to break out the nuts that other systems can’t tackle. Impact guns have tremendous vibration and noise and have been banned on many job sites. The jGun uses precision gearing and a simple reaction fixture to give you maximum power without the noise and vibration.
air torque gun
air powered torque wrench


For maximum joint integrity, all of the bolts on a connection need to have an even and accurate load. The jGun system provides adjustable and repeatable torque to ensure that the bolted joint is assembled right the first time and keeps the torque over time.
torque controlled impact wrench


The jGun series is built using aerospace materials for lightweight design with maximum durability. The comfort grip and available silencer ensure that the tool operator is comfortable, even on all day jobs.
air torque gun


  • Troubleshooting Open or Close
    Tool will not operate
    1. Air motor is seized and needs to be replaced. Confirm recommended FRL lubricator drip (1 drip per every 15 seconds). Make sure air supply is dry.
    2. Gearbox is damaged and requires service.
    Tool is leaking oil from exhaust port or handle face
    1. Adjust FRL drip setting to 1 drip per every 15 seconds of operation.
    Tool output is too low
    1. Air leaking from coupler or rear cover gasket. Repair or replace fittings or gasket as necessary.
    2. Air motor is worn and needs to be replaced.
    3. Gearbox components may require service/lubrication.
    4. Compressor cannot deliver 30 CFM @ 90 psi.
    5. Plumbing does not meet the minimum requirements (1/2” – 3/4" diameter hose and 3/8” fittings from compressor to tool).
    6. FRL filter and/or silencer may be clogged.
    7. Calibration date may be expired and tool requires current state calibration.
    Tool output is too high
    1. Application may be of “hard joint” nature and tool requires hard joint calibration.
    2. Calibration date may be expired and tool requires current state calibration.
    Trigger sticks
    1. Remove trigger rod, clean and lubricate rod and guide bushing.
    Tool runs slowly without pulling the trigger
    1. Remove control valve, clean valve & seat. Replace valve if worn excessively.
    Clutch will not fully engage in torque or rundown position (DSP tools)
    1. Move shifter ring back towards its original position and tap the trigger (while tool is connected to an air supply). This will change the input shaft orientation and will now allow the ring to fully engage in the opposite direction.
    Loose gearbox housing screws
    1. Replace and install as necessary using permanent strength thread locker.
    Excessive square drive damage/extraction
    1. Poor reaction point. Make sure reaction point is down near the bottom or “flat” section of the reaction arm paddle. If your reaction arm does not fit your application use a more appropriately configured reaction fixture.
    Impact function is weak (ZGUN and Thrill Gun)
    1. For best results make sure FRL setting are at 90 psi (min) when using the rundown/impact function.
  • Technical Data Open or Close



    TOOL MODEL Height (H) Width (W) Length (L) Diameter (D) Drive Weight Torque Range
    J-.25 7.06" 2.72" 7.15" 2.50" ¾" 7.2 Lbs. 48 - 259 ft-lbs
    J-.5 7.32" 2.74" 8.07" 2.58" ¾" 7.2 Lbs. 129 - 508 ft-lbs
    J-1 7.32" 2.74" 8.82" 2.58" ¾" 10.0 Lbs. 275 - 1,125 ft-lbs
    J-2 7.94" 3.53" 10.46 3.25" 1" 14.50 Lbs. 521 - 2,190 ft-lbs
    J-3 7.94" 3.53" 11.11" 3.25" 1" 15.75 Lbs. 852 - 3,104 ft-lbs
    J-5 8.03" 4.15" 12.24" 4.15" 1 ½" 20 Lbs. 1,150 - 5,266 ft-lbs
    J-8 8.46" 4.23" 13.00" 4.56" 1 ½” - 2 ½" 26.50 Lbs. 1,743 - 7,924 ft-lbs


Backup Wrenches Interchangeable spanners from 1-7/16" to 3 1/8".
Sockets High strength and impact resistant hex and Allen sockets.
Frog Bolt Lock-nut effect reduces chance of loosening due to high vibration.