Fleet Sequencer App

HYTORC Software

The HYTORC Fleet Sequencer App enables fleet and vehicle operators to reduce maintenance costs by improving the reliability and quality of vehicle bolting tasks. The App runs on a compatible Android tablet connected wirelessly to a HYTORC Electric Torque Tool.

Simplified Setup

The Fleet Sequencer App offers a simplified method for configuring vehicles, bolting patterns, sequences and torque specifications. The Admin enters all vehicle configuration and bolting parameters. The App sends automatically via Bluetooth to the tool the required bolting parameters and prompts the operator graphically through the maintenance process, avoiding input errors.

Guided & Verified Bolting

The App remains wirelessly connected to the tool during the bolting operations, guiding the user graphically through the entire bolting task. The App provides immediate confirmation after each tightening operation and alerts the operator if there is a need to repeat a task to meet specifications.

Real-time Data Capture

The App provides real-time data capture and documentation for all bolting operations related to each wheel and vehicle within a fleet. The App also provides data collection for other general multi-pass bolting sequences on the vehicle. Data collection and documentation includes printing reports and exporting records to a computer


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