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torque wrench
industrial bolting technologies
torque wrench
industrial bolting technologies


Hydraulic Torque Tool

  • Slim Design
    • The most advanced low clearance hydraulic bolting tool, the STEALTH wrench is designed to fit where other torque tools can’t reach. This tool is the optimal solution for tightening protruding bolts and applications where square drive tools can’t fit.
  • Easy-to-Use
    • With a 360/180 degree uniswivel, the hydraulic hose is easily moved into a position that allows for safe and easy operation of the tool.
  • Hands-Free
    • The STEALTH tool allows for completely hands-free bolting. The lock-on adapter allows for unparalleled hand safety, attaching the tools to each bolt and eliminating the need to hold tools in place.
  • Advanced Bolting
    • Compatible with the HYTORC Washer and HYTORC Nut, the HYTORC STEALTH hydraulic torque wrench can complete every bolting operation.
  • Versatility
    • The STEALTH torque tool is capable of performing all standard bolting operations in addition to bolting applications with reduced clearance.

Low Clearance Bolting

The STEALTH Tool’s continuous slim body design makes it the ideal tool for hard-to-reach bolting operations.

Flexible Handling

Uniswivel hoses make it easy to keep the hoses out of the way during bolting operations

Unparalleled Safety

The STEALTH, when used with the lock-on adapter, HYTORC Washer, and HYTORC Nut allows for 100% hands-free operation, eliminating the potential for hand injuries.


Lock-on Adapter
Male Hex Adapter
Hex Reducer
HYTORC Washer Reaction Plate
HYTORC Nut Adapter


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