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Vector electric hydraulic pump
Vector electric hydraulic pump
Vector electric hydraulic pump
Vector electric hydraulic pump


Electric Hydraulic Pump

  • 4-Stage
    • This 4-stage high-speed flow pump is the world’s fastest fully automatic hydraulic power system, making bolting jobs more efficient and quicker. The 4th pressure stage allows the tool to cycle faster resulting in 15%-time savings compared to 3-stage pumps.
  • Gauge-free
    • The VECTOR family of pumps are more intuitive than other pumps. The digital pendant offers the fastest operation set up, with a quick and easy selection of torque and tool values on its remotes. The LCD Pendant control acts as gauge, allowing you to set up pressures digitally.
  • Upgradeable
    • HYTORC VECTOR pumps are fully upgradeable. This hydraulic pump system has two main options – Fully Automatic, or Fully Automatic with Documentation – with custom packages available. There are additional options for Torque and Angle, Open Protocol, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LAN.
  • Documentation
    • Eliminate paper record keeping for all your jobs. The VECTOR Hydraulic Power Pack is capable of recording and storing data. Using open protocol, the VECTOR Pump can be integrated into your existing documentation software.
  • Global ready
    • The VECTOR family of pumps has nine operating languages available on startup – English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, and Italian. Other languages can be added on. It also offers three temperature units (Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin).

Easy to Use

Push a button and let the pump do all the work. Using the VECTOR Pump helps to reduce errors and improve efficiency – including by using templates for fast, consistent setup and better-quality work. Easy to follow instructions allow users to easily select their tool, set the required torque, and complete the operation without having to do any calculations. Simply follow the instructions on the digital LCD pendant remote.

Improved Quality Records

Get better Quality job records. The VECTOR pump conveniently exports reports to a PC via USB drive in multiple formats (.csv, JSON, .html, .rpe, .txt).

Modular Design

Purchase the VECTOR pump fully automatic with the option to upgrade and make it automatic – without buying a new pump. These include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LAN, Documentation, and Open Protocol.

VECTOR Pump Accessories

HYTORC Vector Pump Case
Green hydraulic hose.
HYTORC Hydraulic Oil
Close-up of HYTORC Vector Pump Quick Couplers
Quick Couplers
HYTORC Bolting Manager app
Bolting Manager