From individual tools to customized bolting systems, HYTORC has the largest stock of rental equipment in the industry, available worldwide.
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HYTORC Tool Rental

Strategically located at service centers around the globe, our experienced representatives will work with you to determine the most cost-effective solution for your job. Your HYTORC rental also entitles you to a free safety and operational training to ensure that your crew gets the most out of each rental. With 50 years of experience in this industry, you can rest assured that we have a solution for your bolting challenge!
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Rental Credits

How Are Rental Credits Earned?

Rental Credits are generated off the value of the Tool(s) and Equipment that are rented. Taxes, Freight charges, and Sales Rep. charges do not earn credit dollars.

What Can a Rental Credit Be Applied Towards?

Rental Credits can be applied towards the purchase of any "New Technology" HYTORC Tool and HY Series Model Pumps. Accessories and Tensioning Equipment are not included in this program.

What is consider New Technology HYTORC Tooling?


When Can a Rental Credit be Applied?

In order to take advantage of the usage of your rental dollars, the RENTAL Invoice must be paid in FULL.

Terms & Conditions

**The customer cannot take advantage of a rental credit when a rental order remains UNPAID. Credits only become available when a rental is PAID in full.

  • Rental Credits are earned as soon as a rental is completed, billed, and paid in FULL.
  • Rental Credit dollars must be used within one year from the original rental invoice date before they expire.
  • Customers can obtain a copy of their rental credit report upon request through their sales representative.
  • If a customer zeroes out an invoice using rental credits, then a $100 handling charge will be applied to that Invoice.
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Tool Trade In

For a limited time, HYTORC is offering up to 30% off your purchase with a qualifying trade-in.
  • All makes and models are accepted for trade-in
  • Up to 30% off of the latest comparable HYTORC bolting system
  • Add safety, speed and accuracy to your next job
hydraulic torque wrench rental

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