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Pneumatic Impact Wrench

HYTORC Impact Wrenches

  • Speed
    • When speed is the most important consideration, HYTORC Impact Wrenches are a great solution, especially when used to rundown nuts in advance of torquing with other HYTORC precision tools.
  • Cost-effective
    • While impact tools can’t provide the precision and accuracy of HYTORC torque multipliers, they are a good option when low cost is the most important requirement.
  • Durable
    • Like all HYTORC tools, these durable pneumatic impact wrenches were built with quality in mind.
  • Powerful
    • With a torque range starting at 480 ft-lbs (650 Nm) with the most powerful impact wrench reaching 2290 ft-lbs (3100 Nm)

Power and Speed

When breaking out corroded or rusted fasteners, these powerful impact tools have a high torque output and can quickly loosen bolts and keep your bolting job on schedule.

Easy Operation

Impact tools are easy to use and do not require reaction arms to operate.

Multiple Size Options

HYTORC has two ¾” impact wrench options (HY960 and HY1260) as well as a ½” impact wrench (HY480) and a 1” impact wrench (HY2290).


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