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The LION Gun, the new king of the toolbox, is the portable, affordable, and accurate torque tool for bolts 3⁄8” - 3⁄4” in diameter and requiring 25-250 ft/lbs of torque. Get ready to toss your impact gun and clicker wrenches, the LION Gun is here.
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the real cost of inaccurate torque output HYTORC whitepaper

The Real Cost of Inaccurate Torque Output

How transportation maintenance, repair, and operations facilities can help prevent wheel runoff crashes with precision torquing

As far back as 1992, the National Transportation Safety Board conducted an investigation into a string of fatal truck-wheel runoff accidents. “In the 3-week period alone between October 14 and November 4, 1991, three fatal heavy truck-wheel separation accidents occurred, including an accident in which the front left wheel broke off of a two-axle cargo van truck and careened into the path of an oncoming school bus carrying 46 fourth-graders and their chaperones. The 365-pound wheel slammed through the bus windshield, killing two children and a chaperone,” stated the official document. Inaccurate bolt tightening was listed as one of the major causes of these horrific accidents. “Wheel failures involving broken studs, lugs, or loose nuts most frequently result from the improper tightening of the nuts or failure to retighten the nuts after the initial seating of the fasteners,” wrote the report’s authors. This problem is not new, but practical solutions are just starting to emerge.

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The Real Dangers of Impact Gun Noise and Vibration Exposure

The Real Dangers of Impact Gun Noise and Vibration Exposure

How transportation maintenance, repair, and operations facilities can protect workers from damage caused by traditional impact guns

Machine shops and garages are busy places, and you have to be careful where you step. But even the most careful and safety-minded workers are not safe from exposure to noise and vibration. An experienced mechanic—or anyone else working with power tools on a daily basis—can tell you exactly what happens after you’ve been on the job for a while. Numb or white fingers (hand-arm vibration syndrome), elbow pain, carpal tunnel, constant ringing in your ears (tinnitus), hearing los —all these symptoms are common side effects of repeated and prolonged exposure to noise and vibration from the tools you use every day. Everyone knows that taking proper care of your tools is important, but are you taking proper care of yourself.

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the real hazards of power tool ergonomics HYTORC whitepaper

The Real Hazards of Bad Power Tool Ergonomics

How transportation maintenance, repair, and operations facilities can avoid common workplace hazards caused by traditional bolting tools

Having the right tool for every job is part of the fun in fixing and maintaining vehicles for a living. But what if the tools you use on a daily basis are literally killing you? Garages and machine shops can be full of potential hazards to workers’ health—fumes, electrical malfunctions, sharp and heavy parts—the tools you use shouldn’t be on that list. Yet, so many of the tools found in a typical garage are simply not designed with the worker in mind. Messy cords and air-supply hoses can get in the way or make you trip and fall. Heavy and unwieldy clicker wrenches and impact guns can do significant damage to hands, wrists and elbows. Resulting sprains, strains, and overexertion can lead not only to serious—and even fatal—accidents, but also cause debilitating chronic conditions, known as work-related musculoskeletal disorders or WMSDs.

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