HYTORC Flange Calculator, HYTORC Flange Manager and the HYTOC App

Flange Calculator

Automatically determine bolting patterns, tools & torques

PATTERNS Automatically selects correct pattern based on ASME guidelines

TOOLS Assigns appropriate tool size and model

TORQUE Determines proper torque and pressure settings for each specific flange

Download the Stand-alone HYTORC FlangeCalculator Program
When prompted please use "HYTORC" as the username and password.

Flange Manager


COMPLETE Comprehensive database of all bolted joints
EASY PC based Windows application
FLEXIBLE Full range of standard and custom reports
SECURE No data leaves user control
AFFORDABLE Low program cost - High productivity return

Why Keep Records?

Historical data reveals patterns and problems

SAFETY Starts with good information
QUALITY Accountability improves performance
SCHEDULE Records aid in planning and sequencing of repairs and maintanence

FLANGEMANAGER offers simplified management of complex process systems.

Data Management

  • Sort
  • Group
  • Filter
  • Display

"Management of the Integrity of Bolted Joints in Pressurised Systems" available from the Energy Institute ASME PCC-1-2010 "Guidelines for Pressure Boundary Bolted Flange Joint Assembly"

Download a trial version of the HYTORC FlangeManager Program
When prompted please use "HYTORC" (All uppercase) as the username and password.

Tutorial for the HYTORC FlangeManager Program


The Official HYTORC App gives you instant access to torque charts, safety and operational videos, product manuals, service center locations and our comprehensive bolt load calculator.

The calculator recommends the best torque values and bolt loads for your job as well the recommended bolting pattern based on the bolting system you are using and the number of tools on the job.

Touch the HYTORC "O" on the top right of any screen to reach our 24/7 bolting support team at any time.

ANSI Flange time calculator and Multi-Bolt calculator.
Determine just how much efficiency gains you can make by using HYTORC Parallel Joint Closure.