Industrial bolting doesn’t have to be complicated.

You shouldn’t have to worry about downtime, safety, and accuracy, and with HYTORC by your side, you won’t have to.

Improve Safety
Eliminate Downtime
Increase Accuracy
More You Time

Industrial bolting made easy?

When people hear the words industrial bolting, they tend to turn their heads like we just spoke another language or immediately say, that’s not for me, and that’s why we make industrial bolting as simple as possible. You would be amazed how many opportunities there are to save time without sacrificing safety and accuracy in everything from refineries to wind turbines to roller coasters. With HYTORC at your back, you’ll have more time to invest in your company and yourself.


We believe you deserve more you time and less time spent worrying about downtime, safety, and accuracy. We believe you need someone who has your back 24/7 and can offer you a custom solution to your needs. We understand your frustration, so we developed systems for nearly every situation imaginable. We pick up our phones and answer our emails in 30 minutes or less. You shouldn't have to deal with robotic answering services. We have a simple, 3 step process to get started. A new future for your company and a new you is that easy. Our customers come first. We are available 24/7 with world class customer service you should never need.

Here's how simple it is to get started with HYTORC:

1. Contact Us

Schedule a call with a local sales rep available worldwide so they can understand your needs and end goals.

2. Proposal

Your local sales rep will send you a custom proposal for your approval outlining everything you need to know.

3. Install

Your order will come in, your installation will be scheduled, and you will finally have time back on your side.

What has HYTORC done for others?

"For the past ten years, Exelon turbine services has been replacing its OEM lp turbine and turbine valve bolting with HYTORC clamp nut technology. During this time, HYTORC has come through with exceptional support and service throughout implementation. The result has been significantly improved safety conditions for the workers with the elimination of reaction arms and a 75% reduction in the time required to assemble and disassemble components. We have teamed up with HYTORC on several occasions to help us innovate new tooling for custom applications, including participation in our company’s innovation fair. HYTORC has been a great partner, and we look forward to future support."
Turbine Services
Exelon Corporation

Customer Support

"HYTORC stands behind all of its products in the field. From customer support to product support, HYTORC has been there to help us out. The fasteners we use are the HYTORC washer, obviously preventing side-load. Not having to use reaction arms that create pinch points is very important to us from a safety standpoint. The HYTORC nut has been vital for us as well, not having galling be an issue. So it's been awesome to use a product that's worked so well. Customer support is obviously way up on the list and those guys have been absolutely incredible. They're always there for us 24/7. You guys have come to our facility to help us work through troubleshooting issues. Helped us with product development. Don't think twice, they're the guys to go to, no question, period"
Kerr Business Development

HYTORC Quality

"I have been around plenty of bolting tools, seen many tools used. But this is really cool! It’s lighter than I expected, it’s really fool proof, and so simple that anyone can get the job done. The guys are going to be able to work longer and safer, while still getting the job done right. I love it!"
Texas Quality Assurance

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